Vicksburg Mississippi

Our Trip to Vicksburg Mississippi was very Informative and Fun.  Stayed at the Hampton Inn right across the street from the Vicksburg Battlefield National Park.  We really enjoyed driving through this park with 1,340 Monuments and the only Ironclad Gunboat on Display { The Cairo }.  The siege of Vicksburg in 1863 lasted for months, control of the City was a critical turning point of the war.  Visited the Old Court House Museum, filled with items reflecting Southern History and Civil War Memorabilia.  While in Vicksburg be sure to visit one of its 4 Casinos on the River, we went to the Ameristar and Won Money !!!  Love all the Antebellum Homes and one of Mississippi’s most Haunted House, McRaven, shrouded in mystery of Ghosts and Haunted Tails !!!

Also 75 miles South is the Town of Natchez, Wonderful Museums, Antique Shops, Restaurants, Antebellum Homes and Casino on the River !
We Visited the Longwood Home and ate Lunch at Bowie’s Tavern


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