Fairhope, Alabama

We Enjoyed visiting Beautiful, Quaint Fairhope Alabama,   I want to share with you all of the stunning and simply charming locations in this gorgeous village, situated on the eastern shore of Mobile Bay.  Loved walking the downtown streets and through the French Quarter of Fairhope.  There are so many things to experience, see and do around this appealing area.  We Shopped the Antique Malls and Boutiques, bought some local Jams from the surrounding Farms, then had a Wonderful Lunch at Shux’s on the Pier !!  The Food was Great, I had the Crab Cakes with Fried Green Tomatoes, Wow !  Tom had Fish and Chips, so Good !!  I would recommend eating
there !!  We had a very nice day in this Waterfront Town on the Mobile Bay !!  Check it out sometime !!


fairhope=museum fairhope=pelicans fairhope3 fairhope-pier fairhope25 fairhopepier-2

fairhope quater fairhope-french-quarte fairhopeshux rest4 fairhope-shux-sign fairhopshux t fairhop-shux fairhopshuxs


Here are a Couple of the Antique Malls in Fairhope !

Fairhope Antiques – 100 North Section Street
Copper Roof Antiques – 416 Fairhope Ave.
Southern Antiques and Accents – 254 Greeno Rd.
Antiques Uniques – 108 North Section Street



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