“Octagon Hall” Franklin Ky.

If you Love Ghosts Stories and Haunted Places, you must visit Octagon Hall.  This house has been investigated by many reputable Ghost Hunters who have documented many apparitions  and disturbances.

Octagon Hall was used heavily during the Civil War, Mr. Caldwell, a very active pro-Confederate, finished building the home in 1859 just prior to the Civil War.  His brother was a Colonel in the Confederate Army.  The house was on 31-W historically known as the Nashville Road, it was a local landmark and known for it’s architectural uniqueness.  The Confederate Army somewhere between eight to ten thousand soldiers camped on the grounds and of course the Union Army not far behind.  Many Battles were fought and Octagon Hall was used as a Sanctuary and Hospital for the Soldiers

We have visited Octagon Hall several times now and every visit we learn more, I especially love hearing about the Ghost Stories !!

Located at 6040 Bowling Green Rd. Franklin Kentucky


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