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We travel to destinations all over the southeast United States in search of fascinating locations full of history, beauty, and charm.  Along the way we sample cuisine and wine in local restaurants and vineyards.  During our travels, we seek out the best antique stores in search of unique treasures and we make some of those finds available for purchase right through our website!

Join us as we post pictures, information, links, and items that we find on our travels that are just the next day from Knoxville.The Explorers

Columbia, SC


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Take a look at our newest website feature: our exclusive online shop!  Each item in our shop is a unique item found during one of our adventures!

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Meet the Explorers….


Karin, Travel CEO and Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire

A s Travel CEO, Karin guides the team while on location and tends to be the lead mischief maker.  She also serves as the creative director of Next Day from Knoxville as well as lead content manager. Karin prides herself on her finely honed antiquing skills and can always find the best treasures in any shop.  She leads the group through any wine tastings they encounter, always sharing her refined knowledge on fine wines with them.  She takes special interest in ghost stories and haunted locales while visiting historic destinations.  Oh, there’s one more thing: she really likes black cats, like a lot.

Where there’s black cats, wine, and ghosts… that’s where you’ll find me.Karin, Travel CEO


Tom, Master Travel Coordinator

T om is the great planner of all of the teams adventures and exploration.  He is in charge of selecting destinations and choosing all historical sites to visit in each area.  Tom is thought of as a great historian, and thoroughly researches the rich history and stories of each destination and the fascinating people that once lived there.  He is particularly interested in American Civil War history and frequently visits sites related to this time in the United States.  Tom is also considered an expert in swimming pool quality and is sure to always inspect and study every swimming pool he may encounter along his journey.

Oh no……….. Lewis!Tom, Master Planner